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2020 Series 04 (24 Posts)
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May 03, 2021 01:02PM
2020 Series 04
Greg Tamer - May 03, 2021 01:02PM
TRHL Owners,

Series 03 has been completed.

1st half results not submitted: None!

2nd half results not submitted:
Rogers @ Whitecaps (**)

(*) - Backup results submitted
(**) - Notified in advance

Automatic farmings due to overuse: None!

Any promotions by the file drone can be changed prior to the playing of the current series' games, and the re-farming does not acount toward the three farm limit. File drone promotes to players to ensure active roster is at mandatory minimum 25 (maximum 26) players.

Outlaws sign Yadiel Hernandez, release Matt Kemp.
Chinook sign Anthony Castro and Charlie Culberson, release Jorge Ona and Kevin Ginkel.
NRIs sign Dillon Maples, release Brock Holt.
BDM sign Matt Beaty, $3, release Jake Fraley.
Stogies (with worse record than Terriers) sign Ian Kennedy, release Khris Davis.

Injuries (> 3 days):
4/14 ALS Rendon 15
4/15 UCA Davis,JD 5

MP Issues:

MPs ready for Series 04: Breakers

Series 04 league file is attached and has been posted and the League File link on the website has been updated. Here's the link:

Games Dates: April 16th-21st. Breakers and Whitecaps are away 1st half; Rogers are home 1st half.

1st half deadline is Thursday, May 6th, 10 PM EDT. 2nd half results are due Sunday, May 9th, 10 PM EDT.
Re: 2020 Series 04
Sisskiyou Rotisserie - May 03, 2021 01:19PM
Sisskiyou Rotisserie MP attached.
Attachments: (34.7 KB)  
Bill Liming - May 03, 2021 07:01PM
Attachments: (1.2 KB)  
Instructions for NRIs @ BDM
bbackup - May 03, 2021 08:06PM
Please import the attached manager profile. Let the computer manager pick the starting pitchers. Please use the following lineups:

Ray - LHP hurt LHB 300
Wheeler, Lugo - RHP Neutral
Attachments: (1.1 KB)  
Outlaws @ Firedogs
Steve - May 04, 2021 10:34AM
Firedogs win game 3 in a 12th inning walkoff to complete the first half sweep.

Attachments: (20.3 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
Arthur Gandolfi - May 04, 2021 02:17PM
Two drubbings and a Wheeler gem. NRI take two.
Attachments: NRI-BDM p04 (20.3 KB)  
Bill Liming - May 04, 2021 10:47PM
Outlaws take 24 innings to walk-off the first two before winning a laugher in game 3.

Outlaws have now played in 8 of the 18 extra-inning games in TRHL this season, and are averaging 9.7 IP/game. Probably going to run out of pitching in August at this rate.
Attachments: (40.5 KB)  
Breakers at Pale Hose
JiminMaine - May 05, 2021 09:22PM
Maine score 3 in the 5th inning off of Corbin (1-2) making Cease (2-1) and the Hose 4-1 winners. Corbin went 8 innings which is important as the middle game goes 17 innings with the Breakers eventually prevailing in a game that saw 30 hits, 13 BB, 4 E, 28 LOB, 15 pitchers used ... 7-5 ending as Quintana struck out the Hose's Acuna with two on and two out in the bottom of the 17th. Acuna was apparently was pissed off at himself and took it out on the Breakers going 4 - 4 with 3 RBI leading the Hose and Burnes (5-0) to an 8-1 win in the finale off of Civale (1-3) ... no injuries. Onto Cresent city.
Attachments: CCB_MPH(4a).zip (20.6 KB)  
Alston Terriers at Rogers
diperna100 - May 06, 2021 12:56AM
Rogers take 2 of 3.
Attachments: Alston at Rogers 6 May (19.3 KB)  
Chinook sweep Pirates
Pirates - May 06, 2021 12:42PM
Chinook take first 3.
Attachments: (18.2 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
French Terriers - May 06, 2021 12:45PM
MP ready for part 2 at Heroes.
Late inning come from behind victory changed momentum of series allowing Heroes to take last two.
Attachments: series 4 part (18.9 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
qnoland1177 - May 06, 2021 04:07PM
Rattlers stay hot and sweep at home with the help of a Darvish shutout and a come from behind win in game 2.
Attachments: (18.9 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
Michael cradock - May 06, 2021 10:45PM
An entertaining series (for the home team anyway) as Anunnaki take three one-run games. In game 1, the Caps were leading 9-4 going into b9, before everything went wrong, and Gyorko hit a walk-off grand slam to give UCity a 10-9 win. In game 2, Alonso hits 2 homers and Buxton hits one also, and the Anunnaki hold on for a 7-6 victory. In the finale, Story goes deep in the 3rd which was answered by Buxton in the fourth. The bats then go silent until the 13th, when Alonso leads off with a walk-off dinger, 2-1 UCity.
Attachments: UCA Halifax first (19.6 KB)  
Rotisserie @ CCC
Phil Austin - May 07, 2021 08:12AM
Rotisserie scores twice in the 8th to level it up and so onto extra innings. Top of the 11th, a Votto homer puts the visitors ahead and Colome comes in to close it up. A Goldschmidt single, a Winker walk and a La Stella double tie it up again. Then the Canons manage to get to home plate on a grounder to second.

Game two, Rotisserie takes a liking to Corpus Christi's pitching, scoring six off Marquez and three off Cessa. Kramer only lasts 3.2 innings with 47 balls among his 100 pitches so the win is given to Shreve.

Game three, Giolito gives up four runs, with Winker and La Stella hitting B2B homers, in the first inning which is more than his team can make up. Final score 5-2 to the home team.
Attachments: (19.6 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04 Rattlers-Stogies Part 2
marcwelby - May 07, 2021 03:39PM
Rattlers win 2 of 3. Texas needs to check their 2B situation due to injury.
Attachments: (36.5 KB)  
Chinook keep rolling
pdolwick - May 07, 2021 03:55PM
Brandon Belt has a nice series (6-12, 3HRs, 3BBs) and the much-maligned Chinook pen seems to have stabilized.
Attachments: (35.3 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
buddha - May 07, 2021 11:33PM
topes take two of three
Attachments: topes (17.4 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
Sisskiyou Rotisserie - May 09, 2021 02:06AM
Siskiyou gets our second straight home sweep.

Game One seemed good and competitive, with Rosario homering in the game's first run in the 4th, but then in 6th Rosario hit a grand slam, with Grossman and Realmuto adding homers to make it a 9-2 drubbing.

Game One never really seemed good and competitive, with Siskiyou scoring 5 in the 2nd. Crooked numbers followed, and the home team racked up a 13-3 win, amazingly for this day and age without any homers.

Game Three was actually good and competitive. Siskiyou scored three in the first, with walks, singles, and a Bogaerts double. Cobb pitched well through four, but the Canons got to him in the 5th, and we were lucky to escape with just two runs given up. The Rotisserie bullpen made the innings interesting, but held the visitors scoreless to close it out. The 9th in particular was a bit rough for the visitors. Colome hits Seager to start it off, but then gets Winkler to hit a comebacker, and gets the lead runner, with Winkler reaching. La Stella then hit a line drive caught by Wong at 2B, and he doubles off Winkler to end the game.

MP ready for Huxley.
Attachments: (37.1 KB)  
NRI at McCallions
Ryan Jones - May 09, 2021 11:07AM
Game 1: Plesac throws 8 strong innings (3 hits, 1 BB, 13 K) for the McCallions, and Isotopes pitchers was 14 on the way to a 7-1 win for the McCallions

Game 2: McCallions get a leadoff homer from DJ Stewart in the bottom of the first, and that's the last time anyone crosses the plate, as the McCallions win 1-0 behind 8 innings of shutout ball from Brad Keller. Junior Guerra closes it out for the save.

Game 3: The McCallions and Isotopes trade runs in the fourth, and then it remains tied until the bottom of the 9th, when Semien pokes one over the fence in left to give the McCallions a walkoff win and the sweep.

For the series, that's a total of 12 runs and 33 hits combined.
Attachments: (33.2 KB)  
Results of BDM a NRIs
bbackup - May 09, 2021 02:00PM
NRIs take all three at Portland
Attachments: (37.3 KB)  
Re: 2020 Series 04
Scott - Newark - May 09, 2021 05:08PM
hens - clowns. all 6 attached. teams split.

dylan moore hurt for clows for 26 games.
Attachments: 2020 Series 04 - Clowns and Hens (all 6).zip (35.1 KB)  
French Terriers-Heroes
Charles - May 09, 2021 06:59PM
All six games. Heroes take two of three home and away. Unfortunately, Brockton gets hit with some injuries (as does Higglytown, to a lesser extent).
Attachments: French (37.3 KB)  
Pale Hose at Breakers
Mike Jeziorski - May 09, 2021 09:03PM
Three blowouts, two won by Crescent Beach. MP is ready for Alston.
Attachments: MPH-CBB wk (38.8 KB)  
craigburley - May 09, 2021 09:13PM
Halifax take two but it was a frustrating series against U City
Attachments: (36.8 KB)  
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