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2020 Series 00 (8 Posts)
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April 05, 2021 12:28AM
2020 Series 00
Greg Tamer - April 05, 2021 12:28AM
TRHL owners,

(Copying from previous year's Series 00 e-mail)

The auction has ended. I will post a new league file ASAP this week
with a new regular season schedule.

From now until Sunday, April 11, 10 PM EDT, there are no games to be
played, but you can add and drop players via the website.

I've posted a Series 00 thread in which you can post season-start MPs.
I've also created a LTC thread.

Series 01 will start Sunday night, March 8th (or, really, when I send
out the Series 01 e-mail) and the first series deadline will be
Sunday, April 18th, 10 PM EDT.

We will then have series deadlines regularly on Sunday nights, subject
to change based on my schedule.

I'll send out another e-mail this week with more details on game play
expectations, etc.

Good luck this season.
Re: 2020 Series 00
Arthur Gandolfi - April 05, 2021 05:47PM
This will not be pretty.
Attachments: BDM MP (874 bytes)  
Re: 2020 Series 00 -- Heroes MP
Charles - April 11, 2021 02:16PM
Good luck to all this season!
Attachments: Heroes (913 bytes)  
Re: 2020 Series 00 - McCallions MP
Ryan Jones - April 11, 2021 05:23PM
Attached. Assuming I'm the road team for the first three games, please use the computer manager to select both lineups and starting pitchers.
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Outlaws MP
Bill Liming - April 11, 2021 06:08PM
Whipped this up in the MSP airport, so who knows what'll happen. Only 3 SP listed, CM should be able to handle everything, but if it doesn't use those 3 SP, please insert them manually, order doesn't really matter.
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Re: 2020 Series 00
Scott - Newark - April 11, 2021 08:53PM
Newark's opening day mp attached.

Thanks and good luck,
Attachments: Newark 2020 - Period (911 bytes)  
Firedogs Opening Day MP
Steve - April 11, 2021 09:23PM
Let's get ready to rumble ...
Attachments: Firedogs Opening Day (943 bytes)  
Re: 2020 Series 00
Sisskiyou Rotisserie - April 11, 2021 10:34PM
Siskiyou Rotisserie opening MP.
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