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2019 Series 27 (16 Posts)
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September 17, 2020 12:55PM
2019 Series 27
Greg Tamer - September 17, 2020 12:55PM
TRHL Owners,

Series 25 has been completed.

1. You can expand active rosters.
2. All players signed cannot be retained.
3. Our salary cap increases to $410 and our roster size increases to 50 but these increases are only available if you need players to fulfill the obligation of a minimum of 26 players on your active roster.

REMINDER - For this season only (at least), batters with at least 100 PA vs. LHP are not subject to the 150% PT limit for strong side split. This applies to both AL and NL teams, though it's unlikely few/many players in the NL with at least 100 PA will even reach 150% PT vs LHP.

Reports on website have NOT been updated.

1st half results not submitted:
Canons @ Wagstaffs
Terriers @ Breakers (**)
Rogers @ Whitecaps

2nd half results not submitted:
Breakers @ Terriers
Anunnaki @ Pale Hose
Whitecaps @ Rogers (**)
Chinook @ Stogies
Wagstaffs @ Canons
Clowns @ Pirates
Hen House @ Rattlers

(*) - Backup results submitted
(**) - Notified in advance

Permanent farmings due to overuse:

NOTE - I didn't add the -X label to the players' nicknames. I farmed them, though. Keep them there.

1. French Terriers - Lane Thomas, Alex Dickerson, Will Harris, and Madison Bumgarner
2. Canons - Gary Sanchez, Mike Moustakas, Josh Donaldson, and Homer Bailey
3. Breakers - Mitch Moreland, Chris Sale, and Carlos Rodon
4. Whitecaps - Austin Romine, David Dahl, and Brent Suter
5. Heroes - Austin Meadows and Rich Hill
6. Clowns - Brad Miller
7. Pale Hose - Eloy Jimenez
8. Rattlers - Mike Trout
9. Terriers - Raisel Iglesias
10. Being Don Mattingly - Taylor Guibeau and Zac Gallen
11. FireDogs - Brandon Kintzler
12. Outlaws - Rogelio Armenteros
13. Stogies - Kyle Freeland
14. McCallions - Andrew Cashner
15. Rogers - Francisco Liriano
16. Rotisserie - Alex Colome, Walker Buehler, and Lucas Giolito
17. Isotopes - Zach Greinke
18. Chinook - Wei-Chung Wang and Sonny Gray
19. Diamond Jaxx - Jose Suarez, Brad Wieck, and Diego Castillo

Any promotions by the file drone can be changed prior to the playing of the current series' games, and the re-farming does not acount toward the three farm limit. File drone promotes to players to ensure active roster is at mandatory minimum 26 (maximum 26) players.

1. NRIs sign LaMonte Wade, release David Phelps.
2. Clowns emergency signed Chi Chi Gonzalez in the middle of the period because of injury to Cahill, leaving Clowns without a SP not tired.

Injuries (> 3 days):
9/17 BUR Kintzler 7
9/17 TCI Crawford,B 6
9/17 MPH Crick 18
9/19 SIS Bogaerts 7
9/21 NRI Ohtani 12
9/21 UCA Farmer,K 34
9/22 MPH Jimenez,El 14

MP Issues:

MPs ready for Series 26: FireDogs

Series 26 league file is attached and has been posted and the League File link on the website has been updated. Here's the link:

Games Dates: September 24th-29th. Rogers and Breakers are away first half, Whitecaps are home first half.

First half deadline is Sunday, September 20th, 10 PM EDT. 2nd half results are due Wednesday, September 23th, 10 PM EDT.
Re: 2019 Series 27
Scott - Newark - September 17, 2020 01:16PM
Had to play the first 3 today of pirates-hens. hope that's ok.
Attachments: Series 27 - (19.9 KB)  
Henhouse Pirates
Pirates - September 17, 2020 03:10PM
Henhouse 5-1.
Attachments: (37.8 KB)  
Instructions for NRIs @ Temple City
bbackup - September 17, 2020 07:07PM
Please import the attached manager profile. The computer manager can pick starting pitchers and lineups.

Skeleton crew of position players so as to prevent injuries spilling in to the playoffs, I farmed my large collection of Prone and Very Prone position players, except Ohtani, who's already hurt.
Attachments: (1.1 KB)  
McCallions MP
Ryan Jones - September 17, 2020 09:01PM
Attachments: (928 bytes)  
Re: 2019 Series 27
Arthur Gandolfi - September 17, 2020 10:19PM
BDM takes 3, but loses Arenado for 6 more, which will include at least one playoff game. Ugh.

SP are Archer, Keller, Hernandez. Good luck.
Attachments: McCallions-BDM (19.4 KB)  
Outlaws MP
Bill Liming - September 18, 2020 05:17PM
Is good to go and full of scrubs in an attempt to avoid injuries.
Jaxx - Rotisserie
snoland - September 18, 2020 07:38PM
Jaxx win 1 of 3. FINAL MP ready, thank god.
Attachments: Jaxx - (21.3 KB)  
Re: 2019 Series 27 MP ready part b at Higgytown
French Terriers - September 18, 2020 11:43PM
Managed a sweep. Everything went right.
Attachments: brockton (18.9 KB)  
Re: 2019 Series 27
Michael cradock - September 18, 2020 11:57PM
Anunnaki get the one win they need to complete the playoff picture. SP should be Lauer, Smith, and gopher-ball specialist Alex Wood. MP updated with the scrubbiest lineup I could field.
Attachments: Rocket and UCity w27 first (21.4 KB)  
Brockton @ Higglytown
Charles - September 20, 2020 12:47PM
Hometown Heroes end on a high note with a sweep, to salvage a split with Brockton in the final series.
Attachments: (37.1 KB)  
Canons vs Firedogs
Steve - September 21, 2020 12:48PM
Each team takes 2 of 3 at home for a series split.

Attachments: (38.1 KB)  
Results of NRIs vs Isotopes All six
bbackup - September 23, 2020 05:05PM
A split. No injuries
Attachments: (37.8 KB)  
BDM at McCallions
Ryan Jones - September 23, 2020 09:13PM
McCallions take 2 of 3.
Attachments: (36.9 KB)  
Clowns - Chinook (all 6)
pdolwick - September 23, 2020 09:43PM
Bucs win 5 of 6. Markakis walks off G3.
Attachments: (38.1 KB)  
Terriers at Pale Hose
JiminMaine - September 24, 2020 11:14AM
Sabathia (3-2) and the Pale Hose pick up a 4-3 win in the opener of the final series. Knowing he won't likely make the Pale Hose post season playoff Sabithia starts game two which the Pale Hose won 6-5 with scumbag Vazquez earning his 30th save of the season. In game 3 the scumbag gets both a blown save and the win thanks to a C. Vazquez HR to left scoring Naquin as the Pale Hose prevail 11-9 in 10. No significant injuries.
Attachments: AT_MPH(27a).zip (19.7 KB)  
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