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Next Season Plans (14 Posts)
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August 14, 2020 01:57PM
Next Season Plans
Sisskiyou Rotisserie - August 14, 2020 01:57PM
Is it too soon to talk about what TRH is gonna do next year? Outside of maybe influencing a roster change here or there, I can't see that it impacts TRH too much, so I guess we can wait until we know what we have for RL MLB stats. I am curious what the overall feel in this league is.

My general position is I prefer some crazy out of time option rather than business as usual, pro-rated or otherwise. In this league though business as usual would bother me much less. I don't see any league balances fundamentally shifting because of COVID, so it's not a huge concern.

But first question is really "should we talk about this yet?" I think my position there is super self-evident.
Re: Next Season Plans
pdolwick - August 14, 2020 09:24PM
FWIW, if MLB gets through 60, I'd be ok w/ just playing 2020 as a 162 game season w/ 250% (or something like that) limits. There will probably be some fluky seasons, but could be fun.
Re: Next Season Plans
Michael cradock - August 15, 2020 05:16PM
I am in agreement with Seth, in that I would rather play a historical league or something else than play with pro-rated 2020 stats. I also agree that we probably should figure something out relatively soon, especially as the keeper FA deadline is only 2 weeks away.
Re: Next Season Plans
diperna100 - August 15, 2020 11:24PM
I'll be back for next season no matter the form it takes. Prorating is fine with me, or a historical season.

I was sort of assuming that we'd do something like take the actual 2020 stats and not prorate them but **project** them to 162 games but I don't know if that's possible with DMB and of course there would be issues there also.
Re: Next Season Plans
Charles - August 16, 2020 01:08PM
I'd vote for using the 2020 stats, but I'd be OK with other formats too.
Re: Next Season Plans
Arthur Gandolfi - August 16, 2020 04:54PM
I'm up for anything. The beauty of our structure is we don't have to worry about anyone getting screwed on draft picks or anything like that.
Re: Next Season Plans
buddha - August 16, 2020 05:36PM
I'd much rather play 2020 pro rated stats or using zips stats than a historical league. There are plenty of historical leagues out there that already do that type of season.
Re: Next Season Plans
Steve - August 17, 2020 12:47PM
What about having a scaled down season and just do the 60 game format?

Re: Next Season Plans
Arthur Gandolfi - August 17, 2020 04:34PM
I think a 60 game season is too short. We could play two 80 game seasons. scaling up the stats for each.

Two Champions are better than one! Also a temporary expansion of playoff teams to 10 or 12 might make sense.
Re: Next Season Plans
Sisskiyou Rotisserie - August 25, 2020 11:01AM
Been thinking on what it would look like if we just went about business as usual next year, with pro-rating as needed (and as feasible, given the limitations). More I think about it more I don't like it.

If we do go down that road, it's extremely likely that I'm gonna just punt the season. There's way too much crazy variation in the raw stats, so I'm going to extend players based on what I expect for the following season. That's pretty much gonna max out my roster, leaving a team that isn't competitive, especially as I'll have to make up for the guys I keep who have little to no usage.

If it's just me doing this, than whatever, doesn't matter, but I gotta think other teams will feel similarly. Just seems like the result is going to be lousy competition for the year, and that's not really fun for anyone. Someone's gonna strike lighting and have a killer team, but that won't be so fun if they only have a few teams to really compete with.

Just feels like it doesn't work out to providing good baseball. Still very open to ideas and thoughts. A punt year is hardly the worst thing that could happen, but it's also a long way from the best.
Re: Next Season Plans
Arthur Gandolfi - August 26, 2020 09:31AM
I think it would be pretty easy to create some temporary rules to allow people to retain players for 2021 while still making an effort in 2020.
Re: Next Season Plans
craigburley - October 04, 2020 04:27PM
Well, MLB managed to play 898 of the originally re-scheduled 900 games. 110% of 162/60 is 297%.

I suggest we play a 2020 season with a 300% playing time limit, and ask the owners to consider whether we want to somehow play with the platoon features off to make the game more realistic with the short season (that is, play it like classic DMB where there is a lrfty/righty advantage, but we don't use splits).

The reason I suggest that is the splits are even more crazy in a shortened season.

I am now over and done with my hissy fit about 2020 baseball. I feel like I want to return, even as my bad attitude might have cost me a 2019 playoff spot. I am fully committed to playing in 2020 and beyond!

Re: Next Season Plans
craigburley - December 24, 2020 08:56AM
So the pro-rated disk is here and it looks and feels great. I think we are OK to play 162 games as we always do, with the pro-rated disk, but I have some thoughts on playing time:

1. We should increase the PA/IP limits to an appropriate number given the small sample sizes that the pro-rated disk is based on. Changing from a 25 PA / 10 IP limit to a 75 PA / 25 IP limit will make for better gameplay. (Honestly, I'd like to see us go to these limits altogether).

2. In order to smooth out the distortions caused by small sample sizes in splits, we should reduce the "better side" limit for batters from 150% to 110 or 120%.

I welcome all thoughts about those two proposals!

We also may want to consider adding roster slots to cover players who opted out of 2020, and perhaps moving from a 40-man roster limit to 42 or 43... depending on how easy that is to work with the website! I'm not as sure about this one yet.
Re: Next Season Plans
Arthur Gandolfi - December 24, 2020 03:55PM
I like all of Craig's ideas, and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

Merry Christmas huckleberries!
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